Bike Touring Gear-All You Need To Know

bike campingCycling touring is an activity that brings any traveler a freedom that he or she has never experienced before. For a self-supported cyclist, it is a very affordable way to go for an adventure. For the supported rider who may be travelling from hotel to hotel, it is a way in which he or she can slow down and really take in what seems as a blur behind car windows.

If you have ever being on a cycle tour, then you know what it entails. Without the right gear, the whole journey can be quite difficult and it may end up as a failure as compared to the fun adventure it is supposed to be. It does not matter whether you are biking across your home state or circling the whole continent.
The most important part of your gear is obvious. You will need a tent, sleeping bag, and a stove so that you can ease your resting between intervals of cycling. You will also need to have bike clothes to ease your biking experience. Biking without the right clothes can be tiring and very uncomfortable.

Apart from these obvious gear, you will require a flat repair kit. It is not certain that you will have a flat during your adventure. This does not make the extra weight of having it wasted. You never know what will happen next and so it is prudent to be prepared for the worst and expect the worst. This kit will need to have a pump, tire patches, a spare tube and tire levers.

You will also require to have a saddle bag with you. This is a small bag that can be slung under your bike saddle. It is a very convenient place for keeping things that you have utilized throughout the day. You can store a flat repair kit, sunscreen and even some snacks within ease of reach. It is a better alternative to having to sort through your packed luggage at the roadside.

It is important that you don’t get bored in the course of the adventure. You will most definitely not ride all the time. You have to make sure that you keep your time off the bike lively. You will therefore need to have a form of entertainment with you. It mainly depends on the location of your tour. You can carry a deck of cards if you are not alone or even a book if alone.

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