Get To Know Road Bikes

Considering getting yourself a new bike for commuting or riding on the weekends? If so, it is a good idea to learn about the different types of bikes that are available for purchase. So, let’s start with my favorite – the road bicycle.

Road bicycles are very popular and they differ significantly from most other bikes. For one thing, they are designed to travel on paved roads at high speeds as opposed to their counterparts which are more designed to travel on dirt paths. In most cases, they have greater gear combinations and a lack of the racing features that you would see on BMX style bikes.

By looking at one of these bikes you will notice a number of differences that you might have missed in any other bicycle. For example, the tires are much more narrow and they can claim higher pressure. This will decrease rolling resistance which would normally be a problem on the open road. In addition to that they use derailleur gears, though there are single gear varieties out there if you so desire. Finally, the bicycle is of lightweight construction, often made from aluminum or titanium which will allow it to reach maximum speed on the open road.

Choosing road bikes will involve figuring out which features are most important to you and making the leap of faith that the next bike you choose will be the one that lasts you for a lifetime or even more.