See Greece In A New Way – A Cycling Holiday

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Traveling in a plane or a car is something that almost everyone does. However, if you are looking for something unique and fun, then I would have to encourage you to consider the cycling holidays in Greece. While you may think these holidays are a little bit overrated, you would be wrong. You just have not been informed of all the reasons to take a cycling holiday in Greece. Here, we are going to cover some of the reasons to see Greece in this completely new way.

Avoiding the crowded streets of Greece is the main thing you will find with the cycling holidays. While you may think it is easy to get around town, you need to realize the traffic can easily be snarled and this leaves you honking your horn and hoping you make it to sights before they close. With the bikes, you can easily weave in and out of traffic and this guarantees you make it to the sights well before they close, but also before the crowds.

Connection with the people, the country, and the air. When you want to connect with the country you are traveling in, it is very easy to do if you are on a bicycle. For example, you will have a chance to smell the air that is around you, but also get a chance to talk to the people. You will also find the little nuances that you would have missed in a car such as the different shades of green on the grass or even the little things that you can see from a bike, but not from a car near the road.

Cost of the travel is something else you can enjoy with a bicycle. You may think it is going to be easy for you to save money while renting a vehicle, but you need to realize this can cost quite a bit of money. With a bicycle, the cost of the bike is not that high and can easily save you quite a bit of money.

Having a chance to see Greece in a completely new way is exciting. However, what you need to realize is a car may not be the best method of transportation. Instead, you may find the cycling holiday of Greece to be the best solution for your traveling needs when you are visiting a great country like Greece.

Factors To Consider With An Irish Cycling Holiday

ireland cycling tourCycling is a great way for you to stay in shape. However, what you may not realize is cycling is also a great way to travel on vacation. Before deciding to take a cycling tour of any country, especially Ireland, you need to consider multiple factors. By considering all of these factors, you can easily take your trip and know for certain the trip will fulfill what you want it to and not leave you disappointed in how it turns out.

Distance that you can cover in a single day is a big factor for you to consider. While you may think it will be easy to bike the entire country in a week, you need to figure out how long much distance you can cover. Then you will know if you can cover the country or not. However, you also need to take into account the fact that you may want to do some sight seeing while you are biking so this factor needs to be considered as well.

Roads that you are planning on traveling is something else for you to think about. While most of the roads are fine for bicycles and cars, some of the roads will be on the smaller side. On these smaller roads, you need to realize they are going to be crowded and this can easily lead to you having problems with your bike and a car. These problems, could then jeopardize your safety and the chances of your completing your journey.

Type of bike you can use while you are biking. Yes, most of the bikes can complete the journey, but you need to realize not all of the bikes will be comfortable. To avoid this, you need to read the reviews on the bikes you have available and make sure you are looking at the bikes for their comfort level. By considering this, you can find a bicycle that allows you to stay on it for hours at a time, without taking a break.

Having a chance to go out and see the world is great, but when you want to do it from the seat of a bicycle you need to consider several different factors. By considering these factors, it will be easy for you to take an Irish cycling holiday. Then you can see more of the countryside, without having to be concerned about the bikes you are using failing you.

For the west coast, check out some of the tours by Cycling Safaris. I definitely recommend the west side since you can visit Galway, which is a lovely town and then travel down the coast past the Cliffs of Moher and visit the Dingle Peninsula, which is a beautiful area of the country.

Cycling Holidays In France Allow For Enjoyment Of The Countryside

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Getting to see the French countryside is very exciting, but for some people it is very hard to do from the comfort of a car. This is when they need to know about the cycling holidays in France and how this is going to allow them to enjoy the countryside, but also get out in the countryside. Without this information, people may not get out of their cars and end up stuck in their vehicle all the time.

With the bikes people will find they can easily stop at any location they want to. Since bikes do not require a large parking space, people will have a chance to stop along the roadside. This way people can see more of the countryside and know if they see something that intrigues them they are able to stop and take a look at these items. So people will find this allows them more freedom to do what they want to.

Ability to connect with the people on a more personal level. Typically when people are driving a car down the road, they will not stop to look at anything or talk to anyone. However, when people are on a bicycle, they do not have the confinement of the cabin of the car. So people can easily talk to other individuals that are walking, sitting outside, or even on bikes as well. This in turn will allow a more personal connection with the people of France that people tend to crave to have.

Exercise is important and this is especially true if people are in a food glory area like France. When people are in these areas, they need to realize the food can be filling and heavy at times. With food like this, it can easily pack the weight on people, but with the cycling they are doing they will easily keep the weight off of their frame.

As many people have found, taking a tour of France is a nice thing to do. However, by taking a tour of France in a vehicle they are often confined to the roads and not having a chance to talk to people who live in the French countryside. This is when people need to know about the cycling holidays in France and how these make it easy for them to have a great trip and see France in a whole new light.

You can find some good self guided tours on the Discover France site.

Why Cycling Holidays In Sicily Are So Popular

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I know that when I go on holiday, I tend to think about where I am going. However, what I also tend to think about is what I can do when I arrive at the area I want to be at. This is when I decided to consider the cycling holidays in Sicily, after reading about them. Now that I have actually went out and did some of these tours, I thought I would share what makes these holidays so popular versus the traditional tour groups.

Views that you can get when you are on a bicycle versus those of a car are outstanding. Yes, the cars can get you to the places a lot faster, but you need to realize when you are in the car you have to be on the constant lookout for other cars, people and bikes. However, when you are biking you are not going as fast which makes it easier for you to look around at the scenery and see what is going by you at any given time.

Avoiding the traffic rush that is present in parts of the countryside is important as well. While you may think you can easily avoid the traffic, you need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, if you are in the countryside at some times of the day, you may find it is snarled. This is where the bikes will really help you out because you can just easily get around this traffic mess and be able to go about your day.

Exercise is something that I found enjoyable as well. Yes, it is not an easy type of exercise, but it is an exercise that is nice. So I found this to be very helpful because it allowed me to stay in shape while on holiday, which if you are like me is a good thing. You may be asking why I said this is a good thing, but it really comes down to the fact that I have weight issues and the food is so good in Sicily.

Touring a countryside on bicycle is something that we all do when we are at home. However, what you do not realize is this is a great way to travel as well. I have shared with you the reasons why I like the cycling holidays in Sicily, but I am sure you will find different reasons this is a good holiday for you. And if you’re ready to see Sicily by bike, check out some of the self guided tours here.