Why Cycling Holidays In Sicily Are So Popular

cycling sicily

I know that when I go on holiday, I tend to think about where I am going. However, what I also tend to think about is what I can do when I arrive at the area I want to be at. This is when I decided to consider the cycling holidays in Sicily, after reading about them. Now that I have actually went out and did some of these tours, I thought I would share what makes these holidays so popular versus the traditional tour groups.

Views that you can get when you are on a bicycle versus those of a car are outstanding. Yes, the cars can get you to the places a lot faster, but you need to realize when you are in the car you have to be on the constant lookout for other cars, people and bikes. However, when you are biking you are not going as fast which makes it easier for you to look around at the scenery and see what is going by you at any given time.

Avoiding the traffic rush that is present in parts of the countryside is important as well. While you may think you can easily avoid the traffic, you need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, if you are in the countryside at some times of the day, you may find it is snarled. This is where the bikes will really help you out because you can just easily get around this traffic mess and be able to go about your day.

Exercise is something that I found enjoyable as well. Yes, it is not an easy type of exercise, but it is an exercise that is nice. So I found this to be very helpful because it allowed me to stay in shape while on holiday, which if you are like me is a good thing. You may be asking why I said this is a good thing, but it really comes down to the fact that I have weight issues and the food is so good in Sicily.

Touring a countryside on bicycle is something that we all do when we are at home. However, what you do not realize is this is a great way to travel as well. I have shared with you the reasons why I like the cycling holidays in Sicily, but I am sure you will find different reasons this is a good holiday for you. And if you’re ready to see Sicily by bike, check out some of the self guided tours here.

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